Top 5 Social Media Stories this August

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Top 5 social media stories this week

Social media is a platform where you upload something, and then maybe trending in the next hour. Social media is unpredictable and most importantly is maybe the best way to spread any kind of content, whether it is news, entertainment, or hobby related. This aspect of social media leads to news circulating on social media. You might have noticed that as soon as something prominent happens and you open your Facebook account you will see videos, pictures, and even memes related to the news. This also shows how desperate people are for new content.

  1. YouTube has launched a copyright match tool that acknowledges you if someone else has re-uploaded your content on another channel.

It can be very irritating to see someone else uploading your content on other channels, and that too without your consent or without giving you credit for it. You need a lot of time to search for re-uploads manually on Youtube. This is the reason why Youtube decided to take a step against this act by launching a new copyright match tool. But this amenity is only available for users with more than 100,000 subscribers.

  1. Instagram is examining a way to cut out followers on public profiles.

Instagram now allows you to remove any unwanted followers in your following list. This feature was absent in the past, but you could still block the user. And you can also get Cheap Instagram Followers from popular sources like Tweetnfollow if you want to add new one.

  1. Facebook has announced that from now, mobile users can conveniently manufacture ads from its Ads Manager App.

As businesses on the mobile phone are increasing with every passing day, you might need an easier way to manage your ad campaigns there. So Facebook has launched its Ads Manager App for the last three years so that anyone who owns an ad account can create or monitor their ads wherever they want to.

  1. Twitter removing locked accounts from user’s follower list has become the hot topic of discussion and people can not stand it.

Last week Twitter announced that they wouldn’t consider locked accounts in the number of followers one has. They stated ”We understand this may be hard for some”. This act was taken as a step against spammy and fake accounts. It is estimated that it did not have a significant overall effect on the followers of most of the accounts, as they were approximately four followers on the average loss.

  1. Colonel Sanders can do anything to keep his chicken in demand. But maybe has done something really out of the box this time and that is one of the many reasons he has been in the industry for so many years.

The Facebook live with super deluxe act made people think for a while that KFC has run out of advertisement ideas. Fortunately, everything went perfectly. 700,000 people saw the live streaming while over 380k people have now seen the recorded version of it.


So we have mentioned the top 5 social media stories this week, hope you found them fascinating.



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