Taro Milk Tea Recipe

This recipe delivers an upscale and creamy vanilla flavor of taro in super fun to drink boba milk tea is that the perfect metaphor for summer during a glass: sweet, refreshing, and you never want it to finish .

If you would like what is taro milk tea made up of fresh taro roots and purple sweet potatoes, then this recipe if for you. After trying numerous alternative ways to form this drink, I’ve finally found out the right consistency & sweetness level that rivals a number of the foremost popular boba cafes nearby.

When choosing taro, it’s important to notice that this recipe uses LARGE taro roots. I’ve seen them pre-peeled in large vacuum packages within the refrigerated produce section and also unpeeled within the produce display stands. One taro can range anywhere from 10 inches to larger and are heavy. Inside, taro roots are white with thin purple markings throughout. When choosing a taro , pick one that’s firm throughout with none physical bruising or soft spots.

It’s important to not confuse taro roots with eddoe roots–and I’ve even seen some American grocery stores mislabel these two. Eddoe roots are MUCH smaller (about the dimensions of a lemon) and are very slimy and completely white on the within . Taro features a sweeter flavor, while eddoe are often slightly more bitter. I added Okinawan purple sweet potato to the present taro milk tea because I wanted a more vibrant purple coloring without using coloring . I found this purple sweet potato at my local Filipino grocery , Seafood City, but if you’ll ’t find any you can simply use taro only. you would like to follow an equivalent guidelines as taro, firm roots without bruising.

Taro Milk Tea in LA – Everything You Need to Know [Updated 2020]
You must have heard of taro milk tea either from your friends or somewhere on the web. There’s no way it has escaped your radar, especially if you are living in a big, shiny city like LA. Taro milk tea was originated in Taiwan in the late 80s, and quickly became famous all over the world.

This beverage is just one of many bubble tea types offering a unique taste and vibe to its lovers. Let’s take a more detailed look at its origin, then discuss the ingredients to see what goes into your favorite beverage.

The Origins of Taro Milk Tea
There is a city in Taiwan called Taipei, which is believed to be the motherland of the original boba milk tea; however, some locals may argue otherwise. Milk teas have been around for eternity, and according to the sayings, one cafe owner decided to add tapioca balls to the drink, which is also known as boba.

The boba tea quickly became widespread throughout the country and turned into one of the most favorite beverages of the locals. The boba tea, however, has not stayed in its original form for long. People started to make modifications to the drink swapping tapioca balls for other fruits such as red beans or grass jellies. This catapulted the spread of the beverage as it was being tailored to the different tastes of people.

The purple drink was also the favorite of tourists who came to visit Taiwan. The fame of the drink didn’t recognize any borders coming all the way to the United States. Americans called boba tea in Los Angeles ‘bubble tea’ as tapioca balls looked very much like small black bubbles.

What’s Inside My Bubble Milk Tea?
Well, there are different variations to the taro milk tea itself too. The main ingredients are the milk, organic taro blend, and organic tea, which define the characteristics of this drink. However, the tea is sometimes being excluded from the beverage.

We, BonTea, include jasmine green tea as it is the default ingredient of this drink. As you have already seen, tapioca pearls sit on the bottom of the mug right under shaved ice, making the beverage cold and thick. Then the mix of milk and tea is being added until its full.
You can make this drink at home if you have the right tools and ingredients. The only tricky part of preparing this drink can be the boba itself as it needs to be boiled for approximately 30 minutes and then cooled before being added to the drink.

If you don’t feel like making taro milk tea on your own, BonTea has got your back. Our specialists have years of experience creating different variations of this Taiwanese drink and have learned to put love and care into every drink they make!

Taro Powder
Now, apart from the primary ingredients which are inside almost all of the bubble tea types, there is a final additive called taro, which makes the taro milk tea unique. So, what is taro? It’s a tropical plant that originated in the South of Asia and India. Now, it is being cultivated all over the globe. Taro consists of lots of nutrients such as magnesium and potassium and is similar to a potato.

Apart from the dynamic flavor taro gives to the bubble tea, it also adds crucial nutrients to your favorite drink. Taros now come in packages and are almost ready to be added to the drink, making the process a lot easier. However, if you have the raw form of taro itself, you can prepare it for the drink by yourself following the recipes on the internet.

What is boba made of?
The recipe for boba is relatively simple. The only thing you need is tapioca flour; however, if you don’t find it in your local stores, you can go with tapioca starch as well. If you are living in a small city, odds are finding dried boba will be a challenge.

Unless you have a friend who can send you packages from Taiwan, you need to make your own boba. There are lots of resources on the internet that can help you make tasty tapioca pearls for your favorite taro milk tea. And believe me, it is going to be much better than dried boba from a local supermarket.


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