Simple nail designs for long nails to carry your Attitude


Simple nail designs look more alluring and trendy on long nails than nail art designs for short nails. Long nails give you a great chance to try nail art designs as it has the big canvas to paint. Simple nail designs for long nails are surely a thing these days that give your nails an awesome look. In past, most of the women painted their nails with conservative nail polish shades but thanks to the nail art designs to give them a way to express their self in a creative way. Are you feeling a lack of simple nail art designs ideas? Don’t fret; you are at a right place because you’ll see here some amazing ideas that will burst your creativity and imagination. Now you don’t need to comprise on the way you look and keep your hands busy with these glittery and floral designs to get noticed. Pick your favorite nail art designs to add a little extra to your overall look. We have found some eye- catchy nail designs that are suitable for both artificial and naturally long nails. So read on and start your journey with this explosion of creativity.


Gems are a great way to jazz up with any nails shade. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your manicure then choose little crystals with demure sparkle. For elegant nail look, choose the light shade of nail polish. The good thing is that gems are not only easy to apply but also a low-cost design to give you some magnetic charm.

Long Nails Dressed Up With Flowers

The floral design with crystal can turn your simple nail shape into a masterpiece especially the coffin nails. As coffin nails, the shape looks elegant with any simple nail design for long nails but it looks brilliant and extremely glamorous with flowers and crystals.


Do you want your nails a wow factor? Then don’t think much and make them shimmer. To get the look, give them subtle silvery sparkle with a shimmering nail polish. You can recreate this look at home and buy these polishes online in a variety of shades. You can use different shades from your nail polish collection to create the shimming nail look. This nail look will suit anyone for any occasion.

Shining Rhinestones

If you want to be at the center of attention then use these shiny designs for your nails. You can add shining accessories to get the sparkling look. Shining Rhinestones really make this nail design stand out. Flaunt your creativity by using your imagination with these long nail designs with diamonds and Rhinestones so that the whole world wheezes!

White French Tips with Golden Rush

Choose this look with classic white French tips because French manicure looks harmonious with any ensemble. Mix your French mani with golden foil and compliment the look with golden studs. Although, it’s very tricky take a risk and give a golden rush try to your nails.


When you want to look perfect, you may use these simple nail designs for long nails to your advantage. Give a try to these nail art ideas, and you won’t regret. Let your imagination go bright and don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors! Leave a comment and let us know which nail design you’ll experiment for girls’ night out.

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