Museums in smara

Museums in smara

“Looking at the beauty of the world is the first step of purifying the mind.” Samara is one of the largest and the most beautiful cities in Russia with lots of interesting and beautiful places that attracts the attention of the tourists. The museums of smara are a great source of attraction.

Stalin’s Bunker

Samara was considered as the second capital of Russia in case if Moscow is attacked by the German army. This Bunker was constructed as a shelter for the Chief of the State. It was constructed so secretly that even the people living around were unaware of this. This museum is 37 meters deep and was created by a vast number of constructors including around 2900 workers and 800 technicians and engineers. Its construction was completed in six months. This bunker is one of the deepest bunkers. It has some distinguishing features. It is airtight and can withstand a hit from bombs. Its ground floor contains around 115 people, and it is the major chamber of the bunker. Its upper floors are for guards and other staff. It has lots of false doors, and it also has the Stalin’s office. It includes a dining hall, conference hall and living rooms having extraordinary, unique and expensive furniture. Since 1990 it was turned into a museum.

The Alabin Samara Regional History Museum.

This museum is one of the oldest building in smara that was constructed in 1886 in honor of P.V Alabin who was the head of the town at that time. The main features of this museum of smara include collection of archeology and ethnography including bones of dinosaurs. It also has a collection of old century books and documents, cold steel and fire-arms of Russia and other parts of Asia. It also has one large library, store rooms, photo studios and painter’s workshops. Moreover, it contains a video hall with 270 seats. Temporary exhibitions are also held frequently. Lectures and educational programs are also planned there. It is a true treasure for people around the world including the researchers and students.
The War History Museum.

This museum is also one of the largest museums which have lots of war weapons. Moreover, it also contains the paintings that were made at the time of war and diorama of battle, and these are the attention-grabbing things for the tourists.

Samara Region Art Museum

This unique building was founded in 1897. Its features include about 200 works of arts, paintings of Russia and other countries and works of Samaran painters. It also contains Chinese, Japanese and India piece of arts that attract the attentions of people. It has the precious collection of arts which gives a unique opportunity for foreign tourists.

Rainbow culture and exhibition center

This rainbow culture and exhibition center is considered as the ‘Centre of Spiritual culture.’ This museum contains paintings of great artists. Every year exhibition is conducted, and it gives an opportunity for the artists of historians to gives lectures on the world art culture. People from different countries participate in this exhibition.

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