Kimberly Anne Scott: A tale of love-hate relationship With Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott aka Kimberly Mathers hails from Michigan has always been in news due to her volatile relationship with the world’s famous rapper Eminem (Brice Marshall Mathers III). The couple was so unfortunate that they both couldn’t save their marriage not only once but twice. Their love story was begun when these two were in high school. This famous couple met for first time at their mutual friend’s house party where Eminem was singing LL Cool J’s track. It is fact that music became the reason for their closeness but turned out to be the reason for their separation too. Kim was mesmerized by his charm on their very first meeting when she was at her tender age of 13 while Marshall just a teenage boy of 15. Their love grew with time when Scott started to live in his house along with her sister after escaping from their parent’s home. Scott wanted a safe shelter for a living and Eminem’s home was the best place. At that time, Eminem was living at his mom’s home.

Dating & Marriage:

The duo attracted towards each other when they met very first time. They shared the same house that worked as a catalyst between Kim and Eminem. Scott got pregnant when she was residing with Eminem in his house but their relationship had turned bitter and the days turned into nights. At that time, Eminem was at the peak of his career that gave rise to major differences between the young the duo. Meanwhile, Scott gave birth of their first child named Hailie Jade Mathers on the day of Christmas in 1995. But the arrival of their daughter couldn’t minimize the differences between the two lovebirds.

Marriage and Divorce:

On one fine day, they took a bold decision of getting married with the hope to lessen the distress in their sour relationship. Eventually, the couple tied the knot in 1999. But their vows couldn’t put an end to their differences and misunderstandings. In Contrast, their marriage turned out to escalate the fretfulness in the love life of the couple. Eminem took his hatred to the next level toward his wife Kimberly Anne Scott through his songs at the stage. This situation became the reason for Kim’s suicide attempt, drug addiction, and her extramarital affair. After 2 years of their marriage, the couple got divorced.


After the separation from Eminem, Scott’s life turned traumatic as she arrested for the possession of drugs. But after nearly five years of their divorce, the separated duo decided to tie the knot once again in 2006. But life is not a cup of tea, they did not sustain a happy married life and filed for divorce. The couple got a divorce that was the end of their seventeen years of relationship.


Now, Eminem is living with their 3 daughters while Kimberly Anne Scott is living with her mom at Detroit. She likes to refrain from media and didn’t come into the spotlight after her second divorce with Eminem. Now, she is working as an author and illustrator for children’s book and puzzles.

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