The recipe for Hokkaido milk tea is like other common milk teas, including a classic British cuppa. If you already take milk and sweetener in your tea, Hokkaido milk tea is ready employing a similar method. What really makes Hokkaido milk tea shine is its top-quality ingredients: from robust loose leaf tea to rich, full-fat milk to specialty sweeteners like sugar and caramel, treating yourself to quality ingredients makes this tea that far better .

To prepare Hokkaido milk tea:

Measure your leaves – Use approximately one teaspoon of tea leaves for each six ounces of water in your pot or cup. We recommend preparing loose leaf tea employing a teapot, tea infuser, or tea filter. These methods allow the tea leaves to expand while steeping, which ends up during a more flavorful cup.

Heat your water – Heat filtered water until it reaches a full boil (approximately 212 degrees.) you’ll heat your water with an electrical kettle, stovetop kettle, or during a pot on the stove.

Infuse your tea leaves – Pour predicament over your tea leaves and infuse for about three to 5 minutes. For a stronger cup of tea, remove the leaves closer to the five-minute mark.

Sweeten your tea – you’ll use any sweetener you would like for this recipe, but sugar , honey, or caramel are all traditionally wont to sweeten Hokkaido milk tea.

Add the milk – Add the milk to your tea. If you wish , you’ll heat and froth the milk before you add it as you’d during a traditional tea latte.

How To Make The Hokkaido Milk Tea
1 – ½ cup of black tea
¼ – ½ cup of Hokkaido milk
2 tablespoon of sweetener
Tapioca balls (optional)
Step 1
Before you begin, boil a pot of water to make about 1-½ cups of black tea. You can use loose leaf black tea. But you can also use tea bags for convenience. Be cautious of the cooking time because that can be a massive difference in the flavor and taste.

When the water hits the boiling point, continue to steep the tea bag until you get your preferred flavor. While steeping, pour the Hokkaido milk into the pot. That way, you can steep both the tea and milk at the same time.

We recommend that you steep the tea and milk for an additional two to four minutes. It brings out the sweetness and comes out rich and creamy with lots of flavors buried in the beverage. But of course, the steeping time depends on you and what you prefer.

Step 2
When you are satisfied with the tea and Hokkaido milk’s steepness, put it aside for it to cool. While it cools, take your favorite cup and start adding your preferred sweetener. You can use brown sugar syrup as it adds a great taste to the beverage. But you can use other sweeteners such as honey, syrup, or even traditional sugar. It all depends on your taste buds.

Step 3
Is your tea mix cooled to room temperature? Great!

Now, all you have to do now is to add everything together. Take a handful of ice and add it to your favorite cup. Add it to the Hokkaido milk drink you steeped and stir.

If you want to add tapioca balls to the royal milk tea, you can do so easily. It is as simple as making the Hokkaido milk drink itself. You can either make your homemade tapioca pearls or purchase them at the shop.

If you buy the tapioca pearls, read the instructions at the back. You will find the cooking instructions for making the tapioca balls. It will generally take five to ten minutes to cook the store-bought tapioca balls, depending on the brand.

You can add brown sugar syrup to spice the tapioca pearls up. You can soak it in the syrup for about 5-10 minutes before you serve. It will give the already tapioca pearls an extra flavor element.

Everyone, including you, can change something ordinary into an extraordinary thing. Making tea is among the things people often do without rarely thinking about it. It’s about time you start adding your unique style to tea making. And prove to your friends and family that you’ve prepared something unique and better.

That’s where Hokkaido milk tea comes in. Besides, a cup of Hokkaido milk drink can help you release mental fatigue in the afternoon and after you wake up in the morning. The delicious taste and aroma of the beverage will help you recharge your energy level. That way, you can have the capacity to work throughout the day.


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