3 Important Factors When Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing the simplest possible name for your online business is important to succession within the online world. There are many factors you ought to take into consideration when trying to urge the simplest possible domain. Your name are going to be how your customers/visitors know, and remember, your website. the foremost important factors to getting the simplest name for your online business are listed so as of importance:

Pronounceable & Easy to recollect
There is nothing worse that once you try to seek out an internet site you’ve got recently visited, and you’ll not even remember the name of the web site the only and most vital factor to require into consideration when selecting your domain is to form sure it’s pronounceable so it’s easier to recollect . If your name is straightforward to recollect and may be spoken with ease, then it’s far more likely that your visitors will return to your website. When trying to consider possible domains, it is a good idea to mention your suggestion over and over to yourself several times to ascertain if it sounds good, and if it might be easy to recollect .

Although having a website name which is formed from dictionary word is sweet it isn’t always the simplest domain for a brand. for instance a reputation like ‘Toys.com’ could also be a tremendous domain, however it might be extremely difficult to brand the name ‘toys’. an honest brandable name is formed up from possibly ‘twisted’ dictionary words, or maybe completely made up words. As long because the ‘made up’ word sounds good, and agrees with the purpose I even have made above, then it could possibly be a very good name check out Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Bing.com for an example; none of these are words. However nearly everyone on this earth recognizes and remembers these names. Selecting a website which is definitely brandable is important in most cases.

Domain Extension
The name extension is another vital factor to require into consideration when picking the simplest domain for your online business. When selecting a website name, it’s never an honest idea to pick a website extension just because the opposite (better) extensions were already taken. Dot com domain is that the absolute best extension available at this era of your time however dot net, and dot org domains aren’t too far behind dot come. the sole reason you ought to choose another domain extension for your online business is that if it is sensible for your business, is your targeted audiences country extension (eg,.co.uk,.us) or another reason. for instance del.icio.us uses the dot us extension not because it is the only domain that was available, or not even because it’s targeted audience is within the US, it uses that domain extension because it is sensible for the business name. The dot us finishes the word ‘Delicious’. this is often possibly not the foremost important factor to require into consideration, however it’s most certainly one to possess a significant believe when trying to urge the simplest name for your business.

Keywords in name
Having targeted and related keywords in your domain may be a good idea not just for your customers/visitors benefit, but also for your websites SEO benefits. When keywords are in your websites name , your visitors will know immediately what your website is briefly about, and what to expect from it. you’ll think this disagrees with one among the sooner points I’ve made about your domain being brandable, however it’s still possible to make a brandable name and include keywords at an equivalent time. Furthermore, having keywords within your domain helps search engines distinguish your domain main target niche from another and ultimately giving your domain a far better chance at competing for the keyword against other websites.

Easy To Spell
This may not appear to be a serious factor, however you’d be surprised at what percentage visitors an internet site can lose just because an individual cannot spell the name you’ve got to require into consideration that the majority of the time if someone fails to urge to your website after misspelling your domain several times, they’re going to simply ditch your website, and continue doing something else. Try to not include long, and simply susceptible to spelling mistakes words within your domain. Not all users cash in of the ‘Did you mean…’ feature that search engines offer unfortunately.

You must always remember that your domain is your impression to your visitors or customers. Never underestimate your websites name , or think that it wont matter towards this way forward for your website.

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