Windy Mountains Blogger Theme

"Windy Mountains" is a clean, wide layout, accurate template done for Blogger CMS , written in HTML5 and features wide spectre of CSS3 values. Layout is calculated in percents, not in pixels.

Theme Features:

  • Full-screen top background image
  • Posts and static pages with custom markup
  • Modal window
  • CSS3 transitions (for text widget, buttons, icons)
  • Elements are resizable (images, youtube videos, contact form etc)
  • Google Docs based Contact Form
  • Disqus comments widget (if you sign up to Disqus)

Tested in all major browsers (latest versions): Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox on Mac and Windows + iPnone 4s.

Things to note:

  • Contact form is Google Docs based. Test the demo
  • Template is tested in: latest major browsers on Mac and Windows + IE9 /IE8
  • WordPress version is not (will not be) available
  • Minimum screen resolution for this template is unrestricted (however, tested on 1920px x 1080px, not higher)
  • Available for mobiles (+ offers native Blogger Mobile View).
  • Do not expect IE to work as well as Safari and Chrome do