Gothica Blogger Theme

"Gothica" is a blogging template done for Blogger CMS. It has wide variety of features, CSS effects and fits various screen resolutions.

Theme Features:

  • Sliding panel with widgets
  • Responsive lightbox (disabled for mobiles)
  • Responsive adSense
  • Facebook "like /recommend" button
  • Masonry photo gallery
  • Google Drive based Contact form
  • Custom Search box
  • Custom Archive page
  • Custom 404 page
  • CSS transitions
  • HTML5 audioplayer
  • Styled widgets, page templates and static pages
  • Styled two types of Blogger Comment box (“full” and “embed”)
  • Suitable for both existing and new blogs
  • Suitable for posting with or without page templates applied
  • Fits various screen resolutions
  • Written in HTML5, html code is valid